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What We Offer

Please take a look at what our lessons offer & what motivates our students with passion for learning.

Lesson Availability 

Private 1-on-1(In Studio)   Group Lessons(In Studio) 

30minutes                          30minutes                           

45minutes                          45minutes                           

60minutes                          60minutes                                             

Online Lessons

Private 1-on-1  *Online lessons are provided by Skype, FaceTime, Takelessons classroom





We only play and teach on top of the line hand drums, snare drums, drum sets, cymbals, and hardware for our students to use. Our studio consist of 3 drum sets, cymbals (Sabian), metronomes and click tracks, and recording capabilities (students can have their lessons recorded). We are well educated about our craft and able to offer guidance for repair & purchases of equipment. For our travel to student lessons, we can provide the necessary equipment for the lesson to be successful. For our ONLINE lessons, students are required to have a good quality camera and account with Skype, FaceTime or Takelessons classroom. 


Snare Drum 

Hand Drum

Drum Set

Presenting a curriculum is very important for taking full advantage of our lessons and being able to reach students set goals. Having a progressive yet skill friendly curriculums will help guide each individual student to meet their needs. We believe it’s as important to have a solid curriculum for a beginner as it is for an intermediate and advance student. By this we can guarantee the ultimate most rewording lessons for our students. All new students are given a questionnaire form to be filled out which helps our instructor to better cater to our students needs.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy was implemented with our students needs in mind. Students are able to cancel or reschedule a lesson within 24 hours of there schedule time. The only exception to this item is a cancellation due to inclement weather, sickness or illness.


When Should I Invest? What Should I Invest? Where Should I Invest?

For someone looking to start playing or knows of someone who would like to enroll, these are very frequent question you may be thinking. Allow us to ease your mind with our expert knowledge.

When Should You Invest?

If you or know of someone who’s always playing on objects, this could be a sign to invest. Making an early investment will motivate and give assurance that you or someone you know is passionate about playing.

What Should I Invest?

All of our beginning students typically invest in a pair of drum sticks and a drum pad. This is a great investment for practicing stick control, rudiment techniques, and developing balance between left/right hands. As our students progress and become more knowledgeable about their craft, we suggest investing in more musical equipment such as a snare drum, drum set, percussion, etc…

Where Should I Invest?

Our company stays up to date with the market for musical equipment. We have many suggestions and will offer guidance through any purchases that needs to be made as you or someone you know develops their own passion for drumming & music lesson. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you or someone you know through the process.

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