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*New* Murray S. Piper Drum Cover-"No Reason To Fear"

Murray S. Piper Drum Cover-"Let It Be Known" by Casey J

Murray S. Piper-Latin Drum Cover

Murray S. Piper "Nothing Too Hard" Drum Cover 

Murray S. Piper "Piper's Time 2 Groove" Drum Cover 

Murray S Piper Drum Solo @ PD&ML 2016 Musical Recital 

Piper's Time 2 Groove Recording 

Daniel Martinez Cajon Solo 

Cathy Gertz @ PD&ML 2016 Musical Recital 

Drum Clinic Murray S. Piper Performing, "He's Able" Drum Cover 

Huy Le Two Handed Sixteenth Note Groove!  

Passionate Drumming & Music Lessons Student Orchid Washington 
Drum Cover Burnin It Down" by Jason Aldea 

Passionate Drumming & Music Lessons Student Showcase Featuring John Swanson

PD&ML Summer Cookout Recital 

Iyare 3rd Grade Idol Audition 

Murray S. Piper Guitar Center Drum Off 

Guitar Center Drum Off Solo  

PD&ML Summer Cookout Recital-Andi Performing  

PD&ML Summer Cookout Recital-Matthew Performing  

PD&ML Summer Cookout Recital-Logan Performing