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About Our Lessons

Welcome to Passionate Drumming & Music Lessons

Our program offers private one-on-one lessons, online lessons or group lessons to meet the needs of our students skill levels. Our lessons are taught in studio or online.

We have design our program to offer competitive and affordable rates for all our students. Our instructor is well experienced, highly qualified, and dedicated to makeing sure all his students grow and develop into a skillful musician.

About US

Passionate Drumming & Music Lessons was established in 2011, and is rapidly growing to be one of the leading drumming & music programs in the Mid Atlantic area. We specialize in teaching drum set, hand drumming, and all other percussion instruments. Many of our students have gone on to some of the most talented music schools in the country and have establish successful performing careers. Others have taken their knowledge and skills and used it for their enjoyment. Our students look forward to our Stellar Recitals. Please feel free to browse inside our website to see why Passionate Drumming & Music Lessons out shines other drumming and music programs, and why specializing in drums and percussion helps us provide a more enthusiastic and motivated atmosphere to all our students.

Passionate Drumming & Music Lessons provides students with the skills to play with Confidence, to get Better and to be their Best!


- Top notch Online Experience

- Opportunities for students to perform in our wonderful Recitals.

- Offering private one-on-one lessons, online & group lessons.

- Competitive and affordable rates.

- Student friendly cancellation policy.

- Most experienced, qualified, and dedicated instructor.

-Great with children as well as adults.

- Specializing in drums, hand drums, and all other forms of percussion for the highest level of education possible.

- Multiple curriculums for all levels and styles from beginning to advanced.

- Specializing in Rock, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Reggae, R&B and many more styles.

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