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Murray has a unique way of finding the way to teach an individual based on their strengths and weaknesses and how their brain thinks and learns. My 52 year old brain doesn't always get it but Murray always finds a way or technique for me to understand so that I can play and be the best that I can be whether I playing my drums or playing my cajon..

Cathy Gertz

Girl Student Rocks!

First lesson, can tell we chose the right instructor. Excellent with my child. Knowledgeable.. my 11 year old is excited for more lessons!! :)

Elijah R.

Very Happy Student

He loved his first lesson and hasn't stopped with the sticks since. He can't wait for the next lesson.

Noah S.

Satisfied Mom!

Murray was awesome! His talent captured our son's eyes and interest. Murray was hands on from the beginning to the end of his lessons. We look forward to our upcoming sessions. Very pleased!!!

Ethan A.

Murray was awesome!

This is only my 4th week and I have already decided to continue taking lessons from Murray. His skill, knowledge, teaching style, and enthusiasm has inspired me to practice for SEVERAL hours a week. Murray has not just simply gone through the lesson plan, but has given me some very good suggestions on how to practice more efficiently and gain comfort with new material. I see progress and I look forward to more in the upcoming months.

Alvin A.


Minister Piper is a wonderful teacher, my 9 years old has progressed rapidly under his tutelage. He truly enjoys his time spent with Minister Piper.


Wonderful Teacher

Murray is an exsquisite drum teacher. He teaches my son all of the fundamentals of playing the drums. He ensures that my son knows how to read music, and knows how to play all genres of music. His lessons are always fun and he encourages my son to have fun while playing, but to do so professionally as well. Murray makes sure that my son knows the different drum rudiments that he plays, such as, paradiddles/flamadiddles, so when speaks about a piece that he has played, he can sound educated and professional about his craft. Murray deposits fruitful information about how to conduct business, if you are planning to have a career in the music industry. Thank you for being a great teacher and influence to my child.

Anquinette G

Great Teacher

Murray has been teaching my daughter drums for almost 4 years now. He is fabulous and brings his love for the drums and his positive energy to every lesson! Murray is a fantastic drummer and I am thrilled that he is teaching my daughter how to be as amazing as he is! If you are looking for a professional, energetic, kind, passionate man for a teacher, Murray is your man!!!!

Gina J.

Murray is your man!

Very good with my son (age 11). My son can read music, play different styles of music and knows several drum feels. Very pleased with his progress and with Passionate Drumming as an instructor and business!


Very pleased

Murray is a great teacher! He loves what he does and is very encouraging to his students. We are glad we found him!

Esther M.

Hand Drums · In studio

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